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media facades festival europe 2010

Berlin – Brussels – Helsinki – Liverpool – Budapest – Linz – Madrid

27 August to 2 October 2010

Artistic Director: BERLIN: Susa Pop / Public Art Lab
Curator of Virtual Connected Conference: Mirjam Struppek, Interactionfield

Co-Curators: BRUSSELS: Marie-Laure Delaby, Yves Bernard / iMAL; BUDAPEST: Eszter Bircsák / Kitchen Budapest; HELSINKI: Minna Tarkka / m-cult; LINZ: Stefan Mittlboeck / Ars Electronica Futurelab; LIVERPOOL: Heather Corcoran, Patrick Fox / FACT; MADRID: Nerea Calvillo / Medialab-Prado

MEDIA FACADES FESTIVAL EUROPE 2010 (MFF2010) is an urban media pilot project that interconnected seven European cities through the existing infrastructure of urban screens and media facades sited in public spaces.

The festival encouraged art projects that connected the local public virtually with the other places through the networked infrastructure of digital screens and media facades. It aspired to share dreams of the different cities, report about local issues and exchange peoples’ stories and ideas in Europe-wide ‘Joint Broadcasting Events’. The media facades was transformed into local stages and opened a global window for cultural and societal processes throughout Europe.

The long-term vision is to be a catalyst for the creation of a sustainable and transportable structure where artists, cultural professionals, arts organizations, cultural institutions, governmental bodies, private and commercial businesses, media and the general public, within Europe and beyond, can interact through the development of a new cultural communication format in the public space.

MFF2010 is based on the success of the MEDIA FACADES FESTIVAL BERLIN 2008, both initiated by Susa Pop/Public Art Lab and Mirjam Struppek/Interactionfield.

Each festival day had a special focus on one of the following themes:
Connected Cities: Joint Broadcasting projects that happen simultaneously and interactively across the borders
Urban Activism: Reclaim the Screens! An activist approach to open screens for the urban community
Human Screens: Human processes are visualised on media facades
Organic Cities: Public Data projects use information resources from the environments and develop a real-time software program for live streaming
Public Playing: Games designed as an interaction catalyst for the public audience
European Dialogue: Projects that especially support intercultural exchange and connect the local scenes through the media facades infrastructure of the participating cities
Citizens Journalism: Research and participatory projects of local scenes
Recontextualise: A shared video platform on a central server to create local screening programmes

Shervin Afshar (IR/AT) * Ulu Braun (DE) * Johanna Bruckner (AT/DE) * Mattia Casalegno (IT/BE) * Sini Haapalinna (FI) * Hanna Haaslahti, Pia Lindy, Markku Nousiainen (FI) * Lummo: Mar Canet, Carles Gutiérrez, Javier Lloret, Jordi Puig (ES) * OiOi: Sami Kamppi, Antti Onttonen, Antti Kaukinen, Tuomas Arokanto (FI) * Julian Oliver (NZ/DE) & Danja Vasiliev (RU/DE) * Ann Oren (IL), Zevan Rosser (US) * Yuka Oyama (JP/DE), Becky Yee (US) * Chris O’Shea (GB) * Gábor Papp, Agoston Nagy (HU) * Julius Popp (DE/US) * Nika Radic (HR/DE) * Evan Roth (US/FR) * Antoine Schmitt (FR) * Katrin Schoof (DE) * Heidi Tikka (FI) * Toxic Lesbian (ES) * Emily C. Voelker, Alexandre R. Decoupigny  (DE) * VR/URBAN: Christian Zoellner, Patrick Tobias Fischer  (DE) * Dan Wilcox (US) * Clemens Wilhelm (DE)

Videos by:  Johanna Reich * Dima Stefanova * Julien Collieux * Susanne Schuricht * Alexandro Ladaga & Silvia Manteiga * Kit Wise * Danielle Oke * Tamsin Sharp * Jeremy Bailey * Ryan Trecartin * Harold Offeh * Takeshi Murata * Peggy Ahwesh * Max Hattler * Craig Mulholland * Jeremy Bailey * Lionel Scoccimaro * Nicole Tran Ba Vang * Aïcha Hamu * Mike Kostner * Tim Skinner * Opie Boero Imwinkelried * Eva Lunde * Michael Pinsky * Anne Wilson * Boris Eldagsen * Stefan Riebel * and others

Media Facades:
BERLIN: Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, U6 Friedrichstrasse, Nightscreen Gasometer
BRUSSELS: Flagey Screen, iMAL Facade
BUDAPEST: Palace of Arts, KIBU Figs Facade, Lánchíd 19 Design Hotel
HELSINKI: City Wall / Lasipalatsi Square, Gallery Alkovi, City Tourist Office
LINZ: Ars Electronica Center, Tabakfabrik
LIVERPOOL: FACT Facades, BBC Big Screen
MADRID: Medialab-Prado Facade

MFF2010 is supported by the European Commission / Culture Programme 2007-13, DKLB-Stiftung, Senate Department for Economy, Technologies and Women / Project Future Berlin
Media Facades Partner Berlin: WALL AG, Megaposter, CHB, Berliner Fenster, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
IT and Media Partner: Streampark TV, nacamar, n-tv, infonetwork
Research Partners: Universität Potsdam / Europäische Medienwissenschaften, FH Potsdam / Kulturarbeit, International Urban Screens Association
Network Partners: Lange Nacht der Museen, transmediale, media.net Berlin Brandenburg, Upgrade! Berlin, Dome Deluxe
Sponsor Partners ag4, Arcotel Velvet, Cookies Cream, Ribisel Catering

For more information visit www.mediafacades.eu
Thanks to our partners and their contribution and Maxi Strauch / duckfilm productions who directed and produced the documentation.
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