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Creativity in Urban Context

Future DiverCities is going through its second year of life and the project’s results so far are more than satisfying.

The project defines itself as an Action Research process realised by art practices. The Future DiverCities Publication ‘Creativity in Urban Context’ reflects the data generated during the artistic labs, Divercities app development as well as the methodologies implemented and designed within the project. Public Art Lab as leading partner of the Action Research part carried out in collaboration with all FDC partners the editorial production.

In parallel, our practices are nourished by the academic and theoretical inputs of the researcher in urban media art Dr. Tanya Toft Ag. The four curatorial topics that constitute the spine of the project (Future DiverCitizens, Future DiverSocieties, Future DiverSystems, Future DiverCities) are enhanced and transpose into guidelines.

On behalf of Future DiverCities, Public Art Lab would like to thank everyone involved in the creation of this booklet, all project partners and authors,  Tanya Toft Ag, Cédric Claquin, Darinka Czischke, Teresa Dillon, François Jégou, Charles Landry, Bastian Lange, Laia Sanchez, Virna Setta, Peter Sinclair, and for their precious advice and support: Nuala Morgan at URBACT, Marc Violo and SIX (Social Innovation Exchange), Sylvine Bois-Choussy at La 27ème Région, Christoph Jankowski at the Creative Europe Desk UK, and Corinne Rigaud and Karel Bartak at the European Commission.

Find the online version here.

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