| Hans J. Wiegner

Hans J. Wiegner

Wiegner modifies urban settings into artificial landscapes. In his installations mood, ambience and spatial perception underline the importance that Wiegner attaches to a dialogue with the observer.
For the re-opening of the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin, the Rotblock, 20 meter long light sculptures were installed in the forecourt, with reference to the Berlin Wall which was previously there. In winter, their intensely red glow imparted warmth and energie. This spectacular object became a popular meeting point and photographic shooting location.

In the summer of 2000, the Underwater Light / Unterwasserlicht consisting of 96 objects from light were installed in the 450 meter long Elbtunnel in St.Pauli, Hamburg submerging it into a mysterious ‘subaquatic-light’. Through the colour combinations of the light, this site specific installation gave the impression of an illuminated dive into the depths. Since this time, he has realized various atmospheric light projects in private buildings.
In 2001 he founded together with Susa Pop Public Art Lab for the project Mobile Museums. For Public Art Lab he designed the Mobile Museum ‘Heaven’ and in 2006 the Mobile Studios. He also participated in the light exhibition Lichtberlin in Berlin-Tiergarten  with his light sculpture Ice island, an island of artifical ice which was placed on a lake in the Berliner Tiergarten in September 2007 – a project commissioned by Lichtberlin.

After various lighting projects between 1999 and 2018, the artist has been pursuing a completely new approach: art that does not consume energy, but art that generates energy. These innovative concept uses transparent organic photovoltaic film as the base material. The installation Climate Flags, at Spreepark Art Space in Berlin 2023, is the first output of this new series of works.


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