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Community projection for a new era of togetherness

Time schedule:
17 November 2019

4.30-5.30pm Live Performance
2-4.30pm: Community workshop
@Microwave Festival, Hong Kong City Hall, Exhibition Hall

with an introduction by Magnus Ag, Bridge Figures
and the artists Friendly, Don Karl

in cooperation with
Microwave Festival, Goethe-Institut Hongkong, Future DiverCities / Creative Europe Programme Michael Ang

During the MICROWAVE INTERNATIONAL NEW MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL in Hong Kong, curated by Joel Kwong and Ellen Pau, we want to use DIGITAL CALLIGRAFFITI as an open platform of solidarity, exploring the challenging question: What can Urban Media Art do to foster a respectful dialogue in the current situation in Hong Kong? How can we use art to strengthen civil society and support social engagement?

In a 2-hours workshop we will invite artists, students, changemakers and activists to reflect about the urgencies currently happening in Hong Kong in a 2-hours workshop and facilitate to write the meaningful messages with the cultural technique of calligraffiti in a live performance.












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