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Video Art Works for the City Digital Skin Art (CDSA) Festival 2024

CDSA Festival in October 2024 in Europe, Singapore and China
Seminar@ Bauhaus University Weimar – April to July 2024
Connecting Classes – April to July 2024

Public Art Lab co-curates the City Digital Skin Art Festival (CDSA) initiated by Public Art Department of the China Academy of Art with the programme ‘Beyond the Screens’. We will investigate the potential of large scale urban screens and media facades as visualisation zones of ecologies to make climate change tangible, visible and experiential in the public space. How can we shape natural environments and ecologies and recognize the needs and dynamics of beyond-human organisms? How can we map/track/trace our natural urban environments to create impactful narratives and give a voice to beyond-human species presented in public spaces on digital screens and media architecture environments? How to create public consciousness at the crossroads of art, science and technologies?

Seminar at the Bauhaus University Weimar – April to July 2024

In this seminar students will investigate how to develop impactful narratives for the ecological urgencies presented at the CDSA Festival on large scale digital infrastructures in Europe, Singapore and China. Students will explore AI generated art tools, data and sensing applications which contribute to visualise and craft videos for large site-specific screens. How to transform everyday spaces by using LED screens as dynamic moving  paintings and living screens which open new perspectives for the relevant nature-cultures debates.
In collaboration with Prof. Reinhard König / Informatics of Architecture at Bauhaus University Weimar and Carolina Garcia, Master Student.

Connecting Classes – international online seminars

During the Summer Semester 2024 we will organise Connecting Classes with  international professors, scholars, curators from the field of public art, design, urban media arts, computer science, media architecture who will share their knowledge and artistic practices to investigate different positions and possibilities of nature-data-narratives to create meaningful scenarios on large-scale digital infrastructures and urban screens in the public space.
Connecting Classes are one-hour online lectures which will accompany the seminar and create a network of experts in the field of urban digital art and design.
The seminars will contribute to the main questions about how urban screens will be transformed into ‘living screens’ and visualisation zones by opening media windows to vibrant digital works generated through machine learning systems,  eco data visualisations, illustrations of co-habitation of human and beyond-human-livings by connecting natural and urban ecologies.

City Digital Skin Art (CDSA) Festival 2024

The CDSA Festival is initiated by Prof. Jeng Zing / CAA and Yuelai Ruan, Deputy Director of the Department Public Space Art to investigate the impact of digital skins such as urban screens and media facades for hybrid placemaking with public art and culture.

In its 3rd edition Susa Pop / director of Public Art Lab and the Connecting Cities Network and   Prof. Ina Conradi-Chavez, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, School of Art, Design and Media / Design Department are co-curating the CDSA Festival with the programme ‘Beyond Urban Screens’.


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