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13 kubikov

13 kubikov is a civic association, non-for-profit based. Its members continue in the activities of two associations that worked in the field of contemporary culture and new media in the years 2001-2005.

The administration structure follows the usual mode of non-for-profit organisations according to association articles: chairman and members are responsible for conceptual and organisational tasks. The association collaborates with guest professionals who are invited to participate and develop various activities. Important role in the association activity belongs to working with the volunteers.

The aim of the association is to develop and support the activities and research related to the application and influence of the new media and technologies in the cultural and social field; activities in the field of modern social sciences. The association wants to present the practical results of the theoretical research of both the expert and general public, promote and share the knowledge acquired in the research. The association takes an interest in an interdisciplinary
approach and networking the fields of art, science and technologies.


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