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stop motion animation workshop with michel de broin @ public art lab

24 April 2015 // 10am

Public Art Lab // Brunnenstr. 72, 13355 Berlin

Ever wanted to be part of a process oriented artwork project? Now is your chance!

In the framework of the EU funded artist exchange ‘Human Futures’, Canadian artist Michel de Broin will spend a residency in Berlin. He will develop a video projection work that is shown during mutek festival in Montréal. On April 24, 2015 Michel de Broin is holding a stopmotion animation workshop in order to create s stopmotion movie for his work ‘Molysmocène – The Age of Garbage’. We kindly invite you to participate in the workshop! Learn about the stopmotion techniques, watch a media artist processing his artwork and help Michel de Broin realise the video for ‘Molysmocène’.

At the inception of life on earth, basic elements copulated happily in what is imagined as a ‘Primordial soup’. A vibrant diversity of biological matter was born from erotic encounters between methane, ammonia, and hydrogen, and in their gaseous “dance macabre,” more complex entities—organic monomers, amino acids, and then cells—came to be. Now however, two billion years later, scientists have noticed, a  deflation of organic activity on earth since the 20th century: the orgy is coming to an end.
The actions of the human species since the industrial revolution have been a geophysical force acting as a censor, inhibiting organic activity. This epoch wherein the geophysical impact of humans on the planet is made manifest is called the Anthropocene.

After the extinction of humankind, all that will remain is the trash of capitalist production—our garbage will persist long after we are gone. Amid the death, waste and residue, a new molecular dance may begin. Molysmocène is a stop-motion film that depicts this moment, when after the extinction of life, like at the origin of existence, new life is born again from inanimate matter, a dance of chemicals. Rather than the basic elements spawning from the stuff of stars however, the film will distill the extraordinary moment when new life is forged from the erotic exploits of the refuse left behind.




Photograph: Michel de Broin

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