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mobicases eu-wheeling tour 2011

In the pilot Wheelpedia course, the digital media approach will be served through the Mobicases, designed by Public Art Lab.

The idea behind the Mobicases is to facilitate feedback processes by various audiences, enable new forms of documentation and data visualization and to evaluate group processes from many difference angles. The Mobicases will accompany the Wheeling EU journey in May/June 2011, organized by the European Public Law Organization. The journey will connect public law students from 16 Universities located in cities of the South and South Eastern Europe.

The Mobicases concept is based on three cornerstones:

The carry-on cases, equipped with everything necessary for live-production and documentation. Despite their extensive functionalities, they are much more than a tool for media production: the Mobicases are also a visual icon for communication campaigns.

The documentation methodology: This includes the preparation, integration, documentation, postproduction and delivery of the contents – and entails besides the technical / structural aspects also the creation of a participatory framework to engage your audiences in the co-creation of contents.

The website as a platform for documentation, evaluation and aggregation: The website will follow a threefold strategy – it will enable an editorial processing of contents, it will showcase live-components and it will function as aggregator for social media contents.

The Mobicases have already been in implemented at:

Montreal for the HTMLLES Media Arts Festival in 2007

As well as at the Chain Reaction Reaction Upgrade! Festival in Skopje in 2008

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