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bauhaus oasis – digital thread@kultursymposium weimar

Bauhaus Oasis – translocal scenario
Urban art installations for the Bauhaus 100 Anniversary

Time schedule:
WS 2018/2019:
teaching project at Faculty of Media Architecture
19 June 19:30: Presentation of Digital Thread / Interactive Installation
@Kultursymposium Weimar

designed by the students Nezar Abualhalaweh / Zaryab Chaudhry / Chanadda Janthivanont / Maximiliane Nirschl

in cooperation with
Prof. Dipl.-Designer Bernd Rudolf, Prof. Andreas Kästner, Prof. Dr. sc. hum. Jens Geelhaar, Interface Design, Dr.-Ing. Sabine Zierold, Susa Pop, Public Art Lab Berlin

Digital Thread is an interactive translocal installation that is developed by the media architecture students in the framework of the 100 Bauhaus Anniversary project Bauhaus Oasis – translocal network.

It virtually connects locations, and captures the movements of the visitors which are translated into a visualization that is printable on fabric. This visualization is directly and immediately affected by other visitors at a second location, creating a live, translocal work of art. An algorithm determines one frame out of the ten minute window from which to start the printing process. The color yellow indicates movement at the other site. This fabric is then used to sew unique art tote-bags, available for purchase to take the Digital Thread experience into the analog world.

The urban media art installation is presented at the Kultursymposium Weimar which is a series of events organised by the Goethe-Institut in which an international group of experts, artists and speakers from a range of disciplines discuss the social issues that are affecting us globally.

All photos by Maxi Nirschl

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