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award berlin’s best n° 2 for public art lab

Public Art Lab was officially elected one of Berlin’s Best creative spots. KREATIV KULTUR BERLIN honors creative actors, innovative projects, networks and important spaces for culture and creativity in Berlin.

Public Art Lab received the award because we started with installations in public space, carried out pioneering work in merging art and media facades in, and grew into an international network. Public Art Lab today realises projects and festivals all over the world – from Berlin to China to Australia. Public Art Lab constantly builds up new cooperations and realises succesfull projects with the support of EU fundings.

This is why Public Art Lab is a good example for developping a sustainably growing network, active in an innovative art discipline, where public space is filled with art and culture and thus thinking and processes are stimulated.

Public Art Lab “builds bridges between different cultures and disciplines. This is how awareness is being created and sometimes even commitment, exchange, and a change of perspective.”


Photograph: Anna Demidova

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