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15. bauhaus festival 2012

Dessau – Germany

31 Aust – 1 September 2012

15. Bauhaus-Farbefest: Statt Farbe: Licht curated by Public Art Lab


National and international artists, designers, students and music acts under the slogan “Instead of Color: light”. Light, sound, space and movement were the central elements of the Bauhaus Color Festival in 2012 and presented Experimental projects, interactive installations, performances, lectures and music. The resulting “light-sound-space” presented visitors and participants for a new awareness and united discussion about the Bauhaus themes; synthesis, synergy and synesthesia.

The Bauhaus motto “art and technology – a new unity” was addressed prevailing fascination with new technology. On the stage in the cafeteria an interactive light and sound installation created by intolight presented this. The technical basis was offered by CHET (Collective Hedonistic Environments Interactive), a “software-toolkit” that creates the link between light, sound and motion to create a reactive body audiovisual environment. By a tracking camera and various interfaces, the audience could immediately and spontaneously engage in the artistic process and help shape the emerging space. The result is a vibrant and synergistic interaction with the environment and the visitors.

The idea to involve visitors through play and experiment in artistic processes and even to be part of the sound and light productions, also rooted in the Bauhaus tradition. Each guest was called as an actor and told to bring a costume, or glowing objects. Through a wide range of interaction possibilities such as speed dating with people from cultural institutions of Dessau or the “cobweb-weaving” in the Georgium Park, visitors could contribute and continue the tradition of the Bauhaus festivals.

In addition to performances and installations a diverse music program was presented at Bauhaus Color Festival. The youth big band Anhalt entertained with great big band jazz,with vocal support from Cristina Marques. Julian Maier-Hauff offered a unique one-man show at three different locations, the legendary Dessauer local heroes Westend’s Gang gave the rare honor in the Bauhaus club, and in the cafeteria of the Anhalt University the indie rock electro band Remote Republic occurred, supported by DJ Pilocka crash and a dance performance by special guest Bella Berlin, complete with visuals of Nelja Stump.



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