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URBANSCREEN is an artist collective and creative company based in Bremen, Germany. Since 2005, they have been working in an interdisciplinary team of architects, media artist, musicians, cultural scholars and technical specialists from various fields to develop site-specific media installations for the public space.

Their works are located at the dynamic intersection between the material and virtual spheres that surround us. Driven by a deep fascination for the potential technology holds for genre-crossing creative expression, URBANSCREEN conceives architectural projections, augmented sculptures and concepts for media facades that tackle the new principles of communication, lifestyle and art emerging in the afterglow of the digital revolution.

With their stagings of the installation 555 KUBIK  in Hamburg, Lighting the Sails at the Sydney Opera House, and the immersive multimedia installation
320° Licht as part of the permanent exhibition ‘The Appearance of Beauty’ in the Gasometer Oberhausen URBANCSREEN attracted international attention. Their highly acclaimed works have been awarded with prizes such as the German Lighting Design Award, a silver Cannes Design Lion and a silver ADC Award.

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