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florian licht

Florian Licht is a german media artist and lighting designer. In 2008, he founded the Berlin based art and media-architecture studio‘lichtundsoehne’.
Together with his friends and co-workers, coming from many disciplines, he produces work at the intersection of lighting and motion design, architecture, installation and sculpture.
Florian Licht started as lighting designer and VJ for clubs and electronic music events, during his studies at Bauhaus-University Weimar and KTHStockholm, soon Florian´s interest and work shifted into the field of staging and communicative dynamisation of architecture and space.
In his artistic work, he focuses on the perception of natural lightdynamics, whereby his installations act for themselves, to create an unexpected interaction experience to the observer. Florian likes to experiment with minimal and cautious appearances that imply eruptive moments of surprise.

All photos © Florian Licht.
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