Susa Pop

Susa Pop is managing director of Public Art Lab which she founded together with Hans J. Wiegner in 2003. As curator and cultural operator she is very much interested in creative community building through networking art projects that take advantage of the situatedness in the public space and catalyse artistic processes and public awareness in temporarily possessed urban settings – while utilising the new possibilities of digital media tools and their virtual public sphere. Susa Pop initiated most of the PAL projects like the Media Facades Festivals, Mobile Studios and Mobile Museums. She holds worldwide conferences and workshops in the field of urban media and is lecturer at the University of Potsdam / European Media Science and at the FH Potsdam / Arts Management and Cultural Work.

Projects / CV

2012-16 – Initiating and building up the Connecting Cities Network

2013 – Curator of the opening ceremony of the Germany+Brasil 2013 at the media facade of the SESI-SP digital art gallery   together with Marilia Pasculi, founder of verve cultural

2012 – Curator of the first SP_Urban Festival at the at the media facade of the SESI-SP digital art gallery together with Marilia Pasculi, founder of verve cultural

2012 – Curator of the Bauhaus Festival in Dessau, Germany

2012 – Initiator of the Urban Media Network Berlin together with newthinking

2011 – Initiator of the ‘Innovationforum Urban Screens 2011’

2010 – Initiator and Artistic Director of the Media Facades Festival Europe 2010

2008 – Initiator / Executive Producer of the Media Facades Festival Berlin 2008

2007 – Organiser of the European Diploma of Cultural Project Management / Fondation Hicter for the seminar in Berlin
Concept of the Twinning programme and the conference of ‘Europe Interactive’ in cooperation with the European Commission in Berlin

2007 – Consultant of the art and peace project ‘Challenging Walls’ initiated by walkscreen

2006 – Initiator of ‘Mobile Studios’: a nomadic multi media production laboratory: Begrade – Bratislava – Budapest – Sofia – Gdansk (Mobile Webcast Studio)

2006 – Co-Inititator of the Upgrade! Berlin – a network of new media curators /

2005 - Founding Member of Urban Media Salon Berlin

2004-05 – Development of a new clients’ magazine for Visa Europe / director of photography / agency Corpcom Berlin

2004-05 – European Diploma in Cultural Project Management / Fondation Marcel Hicter

2004 – Initiator of ‘Mobile Museums’: a travelling artists’ museum: Berlin – Vienna – Barcelona / European Commission Culture 2000 / Goethe-Institut Berlin, Barcelona / IfA

2004 – Member of the advisory board of

2003 – Foundation of the NGO Public Art Lab

2002 – Initiator of the ‘Atmosphere Laboratory’ Berlin
‘Recession Dinners’: mentoring programme between young artists and managers / Schwarzen Raben Berlin

2001 – Project Manager of ‘Sphere’: new media project with Ulrike Gabriel / Otherspace: internet project with interactive earthquake platforms in the urban space / V2 Rotterdam, Canonartlab Tokyo

2000 – Curator / Executive Producer of ‘Unterwasserlicht’: light installation in one tube of the Alte Elbtunnel in Hamburg / Kulturbehörde Hamburg (catalogue)

1999 – Curator / Executive Producer of ‘RotBlock’: light sculpture of artist Hans Wiegner for the inauguration of the Martin Gropius Bau Berlin / Werkbundarchiv (catalogue)

1999-01 – Chief Editor of – an art portal of the Deutsche Bank Investment

1998-00 – Art Buying at Zum goldenen Hirschen Hamburg and Philipp und Keuntje, Hamburg and Communications 3000 Berlin

1997 – Exhibition Assistant to Lawrence Weiner ‘This as it was that as it is’ exhibition at Leo Castelli, New York

1996 – Fellowship at Academy Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart
‘Walking Gallery’: new exhibition model for arts / Academy Schloss Solitude Stuttgart
‘Walking Dinner’: 12-menu walking course from studio to studio / Academy Schloss Solitude
‘Pop up Room’: exhibition of products as communiation tools, research about communication strategies / Academy Schloss Solitude

1994-96 – Teaching projects at the Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin and Les Ateliers Paris ‘Design a contact’: development of communication strategies within different urban settings’Total recall’: design of memory tools for a personality that lost his memory / Berlin students developed memory tools for Paris students and vice versa’Parasite urban structures’: project about key places and key persons in the city and their muliplying communication possibilities

1992-95 – Initiation of the artist group SUPERPOPSTAR
‘Lustreisen / Lust Journeys’: urban journeys to unusual people and locations to experience a different perception of the daily life / Konzeptreisen Berlin, Kurfuerstendamm 101
‘Clubbing’: club and storytelling evenings with niche inhabitants of the city / DesignTransferGalerie Berlin
‘Strippoker’: interactive 3D slide installation / UdK Berlin

1990-94 – Studies of Fine Arts and Industrial Design (dipl. des.) at Academy of Fine Arts Berlin (UdK Berlin)

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