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urban media art academy @ singapore 2019



Time schedule:
28 February – 1 March: Lab+Lectures @School of Art, Design And Media | NTU
2 March: Lab+Lectures @Glassroom | National Gallery Singapore
3 March: Public Panel @Glassroom | National Gallery Singapore

City of Quantified Visions will be the curatorial theme of the Urban Media Art Academy in Singapore. In a 4-days program we will explore Singapore as one of the world’s ‘smartest’ cities today with advanced technologies of surveillance and tracking functionalities implemented across the island city-state. The computational infrastructure of intelligent cameras and sensors is mirrored in intense urban media aesthetics of light and celebration in this competitive urban context, growing fast in size, resolution and computational complexity while contributing to quantifying the quality and spatial feel at a street level. But do the visions of seamless government and celebratory aesthetics behind Singapore’s urban blueprint also stimulate initiative, participation and engagement at the human scale, from the bottom-up?

In a lab+lectures program and field trips, we examine the urban visions reflected in Singapore’s urban media aesthetic environments and ask: how can we identify different urban visions in urban art and aesthetics, and how can they co-exist? How do these visions translate into experience at street level, and how do they affect human behavior?

Please register|apply until January 31, 2019 or until full (20 participants).

Participation fee
The Urban Media Art Academy will charge a fee of 200 euro for the full program.
For students, it is free upon registration.

Please submit to info@urbanmediaart.academy:

  • Full name and title, 100-word bio, link to website, contact email
  • 100-word short statement
  • Image (square, b&w)

Application process
31 Jan. | participant registration deadline
6 Feb. | notification of participation
11 Feb. | online welcome, preparation, readings distributed
28 Feb.- 1 Mar. | 10am-6pm | Lab+Lectures @School of Art, Design And Media, NTU
2 Mar. | 10am-6pm | Lab+Lectures @National Gallery, Singapore
3 Mar. | 3-6pm | Public Panel @National Gallery, Singapore

The Urban Media Art Academy is conceived as a networked initiative that investigates and intermediates What Urban Media Art Can Do – why when where and how – for people, communities, society, our cities and future environments. It is an interdisciplinary learning environment for artists, curators, designers, architects, scholars and city makers to explore how to bring media art closer to processes of change in local and global urban contexts today.
The Academy is initiated by Tanya Ravn Ag and Susa Pop, this time realized in Singapore

In collaboration with the School of Art, Design And Media, Nanyang Technological University and the National Gallery Singapore and co-funded by the Goethe-Institut Singapore and the European Union / Creative Europe Programme

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