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neuro-knitting beethoven

A telematic concert installation Seoul-Berlin

14 November 2020 – 7pm HKT
@live at HongKong Arts Center and live-streamed on Goethe-Institut Hongkong Facebbook

27 November 2020 – 7pm KST Seoul  | 11am CET Berlin
live concert @ at Art Center Nabi, Tazak Madang and live-streamed on Art Center Nabi Youtube
live projection @Public Art Lab

Supported and co-organised by Goethe-Institut Hongkong and Goethe-Institut Korea and Art Center Nabi during the 250 Anniversary of Beethoven

The media artists Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet create a novel experience of classical music at the interface between neuro science, music and media art with the interactive concert installation NeuroKnitting Beethoven. They record how the brain waves of a pianist and/or audience are stimulated when playing Beethoven’s music. Concert viewers experience how the pianist’s brain frequencies are measured with an EEG helmet, transformed into electrical impulses by a computer program, and transmitted to a knitting machine, which is set in motion by the data and impulses received: This creates a knitted scarf generated during the concert. At the same time, images of the graphic conversion of brain frequencies and images from the inside of the knitting machine are projected onto a large screen in a live mix. The result is a complex interactive concert installation.
Due to Covid19, it has to be presented as a telematic performance: the artists are in Talinn, Estonia with the knitting machine, while the Beethoven concert and the media installation take place here in Hong Kong and Seoul. The brain impulses and images are sent back and forth online.

NeuroKnitting Beethoven is curated by Susa Pop |Public Art Lab, Berlin, and realized on commission by the Goethe-Institut Hong Kong, in cooperation with Hong Kong Arts Centre. The pianist is Linda Yim Chui Chu (Hong Kong New Music
NeuroKnitting Beethoven is co-organised by Art Center Nabi in Seoul in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Korea. The pianist is Jongwha Park, professor at College of Music Seoul National University.

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