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intelligent landscapes


March to September 2022
in Kempten and the Allgäu region, Germany
May 2022 – Nature-Data Excursions
2 June 2022 – Nature-Data Lab
24 September 2022 – Nature-Data Presentations during the KunstNacht Kempten
Call for Proposal until 18 April 2022 here

Funding Programme: dive in. Programme for Digital Interactions’ | Kulturstiftung des Bundes
Project Lead: Kulturamt der Stadt Kempten


Susa Pop |Public Art Lab and the nature writer Michaela Vieser developed the concept of the nature-data art project of the Intelligent Landscapes together with the Kulturamt Kempten. Due to its geographic peculiarities in the Allgäu, the living connection to the landscape is part of a special way of life and culture. These connections are rapidly disappearing and need to be questioned, because traditional cultural forms are increasingly developing into touristic customs. But also the increasing sealing of land, the transformation in agriculture and changed living conditions, triggered by weather and climate change, show their traces.

The Intelligent Landscapes play on the belief that there is a knowledge at work in landscapes and the lifeforms that are interwoven with them, a knowledge beyond the human-instigated agenda. Now, in times of climate change, landscapes are suddenly responding differently than we are used to. What can landscapes tell us? At what neuralgic points is it particularly worthwhile to listen?

In order to make the hidden knowledge in nature and our connection to it visible, the nature-data art project ‘Intelligent Landscapes’ invites artists from the region to excursions in their search for a body of thought or knowledge that is relevant to them and that is contained in a particular Allgäu landscape area or theme paths like moor lanes, glassmakers’ path or stray flowers’ path.
They sense and track these traces and create a nature-data art work which will be presented during the KunstNacht Kempten connecting the rural and urban area.




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