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digital calligraffiti @ white wall beirut festival

28 September 2017 || 8pm – 10pm
Berlin Venue: Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (Dorotheenstraße 12 | 10117 Berlin)
Beirut Venue: Goethe Institute – Beirut (Nahr Ibrahim Street, Facing Sacré-Coeur School back entrance، Gemmayzeh، Beirut, Lebanon)
Digital Calligraffiti strikes again as a networked live scenario between Beirut and Berlin! Public Art Lab and From Here To Fame Publishing are transforming the facade screen of Collegium Hungaricum Berlin into a digital canvas which is networked with a projection wall in Beirut.  The artists in both cities start a trans-local dialogue, sending calligraffiti messages back and forth via a networked live performance to celebrate the opening of the new Goethe Institute of Beirut,  In Beirut the artists present on a large scale projection supported by the Ministry of Tourism.
Artists in Beirut: Schriftzug, Hayat Chabban, Niels Shoe Meulman, MOE calligraffiti, Hamza Abu Ayyash // Artists in Berlin: Kadir Amigo Memis  facilitated by the interactive light table Infl3ctor developed by media artists Michael Ang aka Mang & Hamza Abu Ayyash  in Beirut– run by VJ Zoey Vero in Berlin.
In Beirut Digital Calligraffiti is part of the White Wall 2017 Festival curated by Don Karl (FHTF Publishing house) and Goethe Institute Beirut. Famous artists like el Seed and Case are invited to paint their calligraffitis on buildings in large-scale size.
A project initiated by: Susa Pop | Public Art Lab

Curated by: Don Stone | From Here To Fame Publishing House and Susa Pop
With the contributions of: Hamza Abu Ayyash
In the framework of Future DiverCities European project.

Video © Fransabank

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