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digital calligraffiti camp @ transmediale | ctm

January 2017
during Vorspiel transmediale | ctm festival
@Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Digital Calligraffiti Camp is a community project, that endeavours to contribute to the integration of young people from refugee camps will take place at Collegium Hungaricum Berlin during January in the framework of transmediale / CTM Vorspiel as the 3rd Lab of Future DiverCities.

Under the guiding principle Urban Sreens are our Walls Digital Calligraffiti is bringing together young representatives of the refugee communities in Berlin, new media artists, traditional calligraphers & calligraffiti artists, who will work together in order to create stunning tags with meaningful messages with a series of activities & public events:

Public Events
21.01.2017 // 4PM – 6PM @ CHB // Round Table Future DiverCities: Creativity in the Urban Context – Impact / Production / Restrictions
21.01.2017 // 6PM – 21:30 @ CHB // Live Infl3ctor Sessions
26.01.2017 // 2PM – 3PM @ U-Friedrichstraße // Launch of Digital Calligraffiti Urban Media Art Campaign
27.01 – 05.03.2017 @ U-Friedrichstraße // Digital Calligraffiti Artistic Campaign
29.01.2017 // 4PM – 6PMHAU II, Berlin & Chronique Festival, Marseille // Networked Live Infl3ctor Sessions

Digital Calligraffiti Community Building
A guided tour for young people of the refuge communities to creative spaces and artists’ studios of the city of Berlin. Creating the first impressions
of new artistic formats and discovering individual’s charisma and interest. This would help the participants to develop an active role during the Digital Calligraffiti Camp.

Digital Calligraffitti Camp
A two-days ‘Digital Calligraffiti Camp’ invites representatives of the migrating cultures to exchange with traditional calligraphers, calligraffiti and urban media artists by investigating the question of sharing values: Where/How is the future that we dreamed of yesterday? What cultural values do people with migration background want to preserve from decaying and to integrate to the way they live today? Which messages do we wish to ‘write beautifully’ and pass on, and which aesthetic forms are at our disposal in a time, where our language is almost exclusively digital.

Artistic Migration Campaigning on Urban Screens
In a co-design process the participants of the migrating cultures will learn how to draw calligraffiti and animate the analogue creation of the calligraffiti artworks for the artistic campaigning on the digital infrastructure of the urban screens of Berlin under the guiding principle ‘Urban screens are our canvas!’

Networked Live Performance with the Infl3ctor
The Infl3ctor enables a live visualization of all those ideas and emotions. It is an interactive table – especially designed for Digital Calligraffiti by the media artists Michael Ang and Hamza Abu Ayyash – to project the calligraffiti messages on the urban screens of Berlin and also to distant cities through a networked scenario. In a time where the refugees’ transportation is a burning matter this project opens up new avenues of communication empowering the transportation of thoughts.

Round Table ‘Future DiverCities’
During the Digital Calligraffiti Camp we invite artists, curators, EU partners and urban media and calligraffiti experts to the Round Table to discuss the ‘Creativity in the Urban Context – Impact / Production / Restrictions’.

Digital Calligraffiti is produced and funded by the Creative Europe project ‘Future DiverCities’ which is a pioneering excellence cluster of 10 cultural partners in Europe and Canada, all key players in the field of citymaking and new artistic forms in the urban context. Future DiverCities includes a wide range of activities, community labs, citizen workshops, or artistic interventions, as ways to how artists and creatives can propose innovative ways to build our future cities and how this responds to the current thinking and needs around urban transformations.

Digital Calligraffiti Products – Making a statement
The calligraffiti tags that will be produced during the camp would be used for prints on clothes and accessories. The guided tour (Digital Calligraffiti Community Building) would provide the young participants with enough knowledge and open up new possibilities of expression via new technologies like 3D laser cutting/printing, co-design etc., and enable them to produce these items themselves. By printing the calligraffiti tags on wearable items the project is aiming at transforming each individual into a message-barer and each item into an artwork with a story.

A project by Public Art Lab – curated by Susa Pop, Don Karl aka Stone and Hamza Abu Ayyash.
In the framework of Future DiverCities, funded by the European Union (Creative Europe).


Image @ Michael Ang


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