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Mirjam Struppek

Mirjam Struppek lives in Turin and Berlin and works internationally as urbanist, curator and consultant on media cultural affairs in the urban area. In 2003 she worked at the Video Art Gallery for Still and Motion Pictures in Berlin. In 2004 she founded Urban Media Research and the comprehensive online information platform Interaction Field as well as the monthly organised Urban Media Salon which she continued in Turin in 2013.  Her special interest are interactive, participatory processes and interdisciplinary, creative activities. Since 2007 she is also a member of Public Art Lab Berlin. She has lectured internationally in more than 40 cities, was part of festivals  and conference juries, has academic papers ‘peer-reviewed’ and writes on interdisciplinary research on the urban space and its current cultural changes generated by new media. In 2005 curated and developed the international conference Urban Screens 05. She initiated ‘Urban Screens Manchester 2007’ and coordinated ‘Urban Screens Melbourne 2008’ in Australia. Together with Glenn Harding she founded the International Urban Screens Association and together with Susa Pop, she initiated the Media Facades Festivals – as Artistic Director in 2008 and as Director of Research in 2010.

From the State Initiative Project Future Berlin, she was honored as ‘Head of September 2008’ . Since 2013, she developed together with Daniela Arriado the new Festival Series Screen City Stavanger. Among other things, she worked as a curator for the Farbfest Bauhaus Dessau, Share Festival, public art screens, the Media Architecture Conference and ACM SIGCHI Workshop. Currently, she developed her first ‘Urban Greens’ project in Turin.

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