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tandem shaml

Tandem Shaml supports experimental collaborations between cultural change makers from the Arab Region and Europe.

This exchange and knowledge development programme allows cultural professionals from many different disciplines to acquire skills required for engaging in long-term partnerships. The Tandem process provides hands-on possibilities for getting real insights into European and Arab cultural scenes.  Participants will gain practical experiences in collaborating with rapidly changing fields in both regions.

Tandem Shaml is based on the organisers’ belief that working together on tangible cross-border initiatives creates fruitful cultural dialogue among different groups and engages and exposes distant communities to each other.

Tandem Shaml offers

  • Ongoing expert advice for the development of the cross-border collaborations and the artistic and cultural co-productions
  • Travel and subsistence reimbursement for all meetings, as well as start-up funding (max. EUR 5.000) for each collaboration project
  • Becoming a part of the TANDEM network including more than 150 cultural managers coming from around 90 cities in wider Europe and the Arab region.
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