| News | ‘Videopainting: The Bridge’ – interactive installation at Goethe Institut Conference ‘Reclaiming Public Space’, 22. – 23. April 2013

‘videopainting: the bridge’ – interactive installation at goethe institut conference ‘reclaiming public space’, 22. – 23. april 2013

The artist’s project ‘Videopainting: The Bridge’ by Blake Shaw is shown in the frame of the Goethe Institut’s Conference ‘Reclaiming Public Space’ at the Akademie der Künste on Monday 22. April 2013.

Find pictures of the installation on flickr!

Videopainting: The Bridge’ combines portraits of Israeli and Palestinian citizen, seen in their daily environment in the public space and merges them through an artistic process in an overlaying multimedia collage. Where the physical is unaccessible, the virtual opens doors to organize and reclaim what is considered by most in the west a fundamental human right. Blake Shaw is a new media artist currently building a new telecommunication art initiative to facilitate real-time communication between such individuals, starting in the Palestinian Territories. Through the digital possibilities of video painting Blake Shaw creates a virtual place for encounter, beyond physical borders.

‘Videopainting: The Bridge’ is curated by Public Art Lab and showcases the main idea of ‘Connecting Cities’ where cities will be connected to create an exchange between their citizens via large digital screens and media facades.

Find more information on the conference website, including an interesting blog article on the potential of urban media by Verena Schwarz from Public Art Lab.


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