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round table ukraine 2011-2012

Round TableThe Round Table Ukraine will accompany the cultural management project of the European Cultural Foundation throughout the region and will be the site of meetings, discussions, performances and international gatherings of the cooperation project in the Ukraine.
The Round Table has the form of the Ukraine and gives the program a popular image. The general idea behind the project is: new space concepts open new thinking spaces. The Round Table is 8 meters in length and 5 meters in width. The table can be used in different modular settings, due to the needs of each event or communication format. In the evening the round table is being transformed into a live stage which presents cultural events of each hosting city. A helium balloon floats above the table, with a projection screen attached to it.

These event series can consist of dinners, music performances or theater events. These spectacular setting will be launched in summer 2011 in Lviv. The following year during the European Football Championship the project will take place in Kiev, Odessa, Cherson and five other Ukrainian cities.

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