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In the framework of this years’ transmediale and CTM edition Public Art Lab presents:

URBAN MEDIA KITCHEN – Cultural projects in Europe and the Arab world.

On Tuesday, 26th January 2016, Public Art Lab invites to join the URBAN MEDIA KITCHEN in the framework of transmediale’s and CTM’s Vorspiel.

URBAN MEDIA KITCHEN is a mixed format with talks, food, music and projections creating a platform for interculinary exchange. In times in which the meaning of social and political geographies seems to uprise this edition will focus on cultural work and highlight the importance to connecting cities and citizen on a North-South-Axis. In cooperation with MitOst e.V. and Tandem Shaml curators and cultural workers from European and Arab countries will share their projects and provide insights to the value of transcontinental cooperation projects within the current socio-cultural and political context.

The following cultural workers from the edition 2015-16 will present their teams and projects.

• Sally & Jasmin ‘Future Heritage’
• Mohab & Farah ‘SAWP- “Culture Walks’
• Reem & Tiago ‘VÄRLDENS I/II 1/2 الدنیا’
• Tom & Abdelsamee ‘ITTCPP’
• Ieva & Sarah ‘Alternative storytelling’
• Abdel Rahman & Pedro ‘OXALA’
• Junaid & Lola ‘THE FLOOD: Gilgamesh and the quest of immortality’
• Asma & Flore ‘Shores – Stories from Accross the Sea’
• Ines & Cathrine ‘Young Citizen Journalists Report on Mediterranean Climate Change’

Stella & Mudar (former Tandem Shaml participants) will present their Syrian art in resistance project ‘Now T_here’.

Our neighbours Bi’Bak will host the culinary part of the evening with their refugee kitchen and a Syrian + Pakistani cook. With music and drinks you’ll have time to get in touch and continue discussions in small groups.

For further information about the Tandems and projects, please have a look at Tandem/Shaml website or join our Facebook Event.

Starting from 19h with talks and presentations

Starting from 21h with music, drinks and food

Brunnenstr. 72, 13355 Berlin


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