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public art lab @ forum d’avignon ruhr 2016

// Panel ‘Creativity and Space – Best Practice for Urban Perspectives’
// 25 August 2016, 3pm
@ Forum d’Avignon Ruhr 2016, Essen Germany

In the framework of the Forum d’Avignon Ruhr 2016 with the topic of ‘Creativity: Raw Material Resource Future’, Susa Pop, artistic director of Public Art Lab, talks about ‘Crativity and Space – Best Practices for Urban Perspectives’ hosted by Charles Landry, author of ‘The Digitized City’.

The Forum d’Avignon Ruhr is based on a French-German partnership between the think tank Forum d’Avignon and ecce. The aim of the cooperation is to culturally contribute to future-oriented policies by bringing together Europe’s business leaders and experts  from the economy, politics, media, science, and culture. The 5th edition of the Forum d’Avignon Ruhr will take place on 24-25 August, 2016 in the city of Essen, Germany.

The panel’s topic is urgent and more than relevant, because more than 50 percent of the world’s population live in cities, and this number is increasing. Tha panelists tackle the question of citizen’s and artists’ involvement in urban planning: How can they, how can we shape our urban environment? How can artists and citizens contribute to dynamics and flexibility in urban planning? How can we trigger change in the cities?

Susa Pop contributes knowledge and experience about participatory art projects in urban space, about digital communication platforms, community building, and citizen engagement.

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Image: © Vladimir Wegener/ecce GmbH

Gif: © NEU – Büro für Kommunikationsdesign/ecce

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