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mobicases 2007

Montreal – Skopje


Both for the HTMlles media art festival in Montreal/ Kanada and for the Upgrade! International festival in Skopje / Macedonia we have brought the Mobicases as mobile documentary units.

The Mobicase portable units are made of lightweight material and are comfortable to wear. Each unit provides space for a laptop, cables, headset, microphone, video camera, photo camera and other technical tools. In order to be constantly connected to the Internet, the backpacks are portable wifi hotspots, providing constant possibility to add new data to the archive.

During the workshop for 8 participants, Mobicase teams function as independent media units. The teams, led by different media artists, walk with public participants throughout the city and the festival sites in order to document whatever they find interesting in that context. As all the workshop members come from different cultural and creative backgrounds and have differing technical expertise, each group explores the city with unique focus and methods.

After a 2-3 hours tour, each group commonly edits the material they have collected and upload it on the community website. In this way, an increasing public archive of the festival and the city events is being built. This community website functions as a tool for collaborative documentation and as a forum for feedback on the festival events. The whole process of the Mobicase project is a “Live Sampling of the city and the festival.”

Here you can see the outcome of the Mobicase project at the HTMlles festival 2007 in Montreal: http://htmlles8.publicartlab.org/wiki2007/

and here the documentation of the Upgrade! International festival 2008 in Skopje / Macedonia: http://www.chainreaction-community.net

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