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liam young screening @ berlin

Public Art Lab is delighted to present Liam Young’s ‘New City’ animation series in cooperation with transmediale and Collegium Hungaricum Berlin.

New City is a series of animated skylines of the near future. In intricate detail they depict a speculative urbanism, an exaggerated version of the present, in which we can project new cultural trends, environmental, political and economic forces. Photographs taken on expeditions around the world with nomadic studio Unknown Fields, to document these emerging phenomena and weak signals have been meticulously stitched together and extrapolated to form each city skyline. In this way ‘New City’ slips between the real and the imagined, between the documentary and the visionary, where speculative fictions become a way of exploring a world that the everyday struggles to grasp. To accompany the animations the authors Jeff Noon, Pat Cadigan and Tim Maughan have been invited to inhabit each skyline, to breathe life into its characters and cultures and give form to its streets and spaces through a suggestive narrative fragment. Original New City soundscapes have been developed by Coldcut.

New City, 2014
by Liam Young

Screenings @ Public Art Lab’s URBAN MEDIA GALLERY: 26-28 January 2016, 7-10 pm

Screenings @ Collegium Hungaricum Berlin: 2-7 February 2016, 7-11 pm

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