| News | g-frame by the constitute @ quanzhou – video review

g-frame by the constitute @ quanzhou – video review

A short review of G-frame by The Constitute presented this year in November at the 14th Asia Arts Festival in Quanzhou.
The project is one of the special Connecting Cities events taking place in China this year.

G-Frame by The Constitute

7-8 November 2015 // 7-8pm & 7-10pm

The G-frame is a drawing frame that enables users to draw, sketch and write gesturally on urban facades. It is connected to a projector. An integrated tablet allows the selection of stroke style and colours. The audience can write comments, try themselves out or simply draw or sketch something to be seen large scale on the facade.

G-frame | digital urban sketching in China from THE CONSTITUTE on Vimeo.

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