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flip flower 2014

Berlin – Germany

Flip Flower by Hans J. Wiegner

Flip Flower is the new future of green and smart public lighting. Using the sun and the wind as fuel, the Flip Flower will deliver a light output up to 25,2 W, bringing light to the city in a eco-friendly way. The modular system allows individual designs, and doesn’t require cost for cable work.

The technical construction of Flip Flower contains:
Generator: Recyclable organic photovoltaic foil 55 WP
Battery: Recyclable metal-polymer system 0,5 KW – 1,0 KW
Local Monitoring System
Additional services:
USB charging interface
Climate monitoring system

With the Flip Flower it is possible for the citizens to have a break on the bench while charging their mobile phone with eco-friendly power.




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