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connecting cities @ transmediale 2014 in berlin

Public Art Lab as a platform for Urban Media Art Projects invites local and international actors to come together during transmediale Vorspiel and transmediale Festival from 23.1 until 1.2.2014

CONNECTING CITIES @ transmediale Vorspiel, 23. – 28. January 2014
Venue: Public Art Lab,Brunnenstr. 72, 133555 Berlin – Wedding

Come together at our transmediale Vorspiel at Public Art Lab: We open doors on Thursday, 23. Jan with the Urban Media Kitchen. Local and international Urban Media Actors present their initiatives in a kitchen-like atmosphere. Our Telepresent Gallery running from 23. until the 28. Jan. presents the oberserving view of spy-cams to the public on our show room windows. On 28. Jan we discuss the term ‘telepresence’ with a lecture of Villem Flusser Archive (University of the Arts Berlin) and Paul Sermon/Charlottte Gould. More on: transmediale and Connecting Cities

CONNECTING CITIES @ transmediale Festival, 29. January – 2 February 2014
Venue: Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW)

What does blackening out then mean in the context of urban screens and what goes lost after the sudden shut-down and restart? How to find ways to restore or re-think information after this severe blackout? The panel discussion at transmediale with the Connecting Cities artists, curators and the transmediale visitors will discuss blackout and collective memories of media façades on 31. January, 11.30, room: K1. Panel Speakers: Susa Pop (Public Art Lab, Berlin), Alain Mongeau (MUTEK, Montreal), Mike Stubbs (FACT Liver-pool), Yves Bernard (iMAL, Brussels), Paul Sermon (Uni-versity of Brighton), Martin Brynskov (Aarhus University). More on:transmediale

The Connecting Cities workshop on 1. February (11am-3pm, room K2) at transmediale offers artists from the open call 2014 the context “Participatory City” as a discussion forum. There, the results from the Artists’ Camp (Vorspiel) will be discussed, again with focus on strategies and DIY-practices in the context of participation through mobile units and media façades after the “total breakdown”.Workshop Moderator: Susa Pop (Public Art Lab, Berlin), Minna Tarkka (m-cult, Helsinki), Yves Bernard (iMAL, Brussels), Nerea Calvillo (Medialab-Prado, Madrid).Connecting Cities Artists: Christian Zöllner (The Constitute), Paul Sermon, Charlotte Gould, Moritz Behrens, Nina Valkanova. The Workshop is open for 11 participants, please register until 30. January under transmediale@connectingcities.net. More on:transmediale

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