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the constitute

The Constitute was founded in 2012 by Christian Zöllner and Sebastian Piatza. It focuses on the research and development of interactive experiences for public spaces. The lab-style group focus on the potency of academic research, artistic practice and economic reason to create outstanding and unique objects, processes and experiences. Within the last years they have showcased their work internationally, collaborating with clients and partners from cultural organisations, media industries and research institutions. They regularly give courses and workshops in different academic institutions, helping students and professionals redefining and refining their personal expertise.

Before The Constitute, the core members were active in various other collectives and institutions, such as VR/Urban. Under this Berlin-based urban media collective, they created the SMSlingshot, a digital augmented wooden slingshot enabling people to shoot short messages onto public walls. For Ready to Cloud, The Constitute teams up with Julian Adenauer from Sonice Develpment and Dominic Kießling from the Pfadfinderei Collective in Berlin. Ready to Cloud is also supported by Armin Riedel.



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