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Nina Valkanova is an interaction design researcher, media artist and creative coder, interested in the exploration of innovative ideas at the edge between technolgy, art and design. Her research interest focuses mainly on the design of dynamic digital displays and visual interfaces located within shared urban spaces. In particularly, she is interested in experimenting and conceptualizing principles for affective and engaging experience with information, exploring the intersections between scientific and artistic design knowledge.

Nina Valkanova has been involved in various projects in the field of interface design, computer graphics, mixed reality and new media arts at the Center for Computer Graphics (Darmtadt, Germany), Ars Electronica Future Lab (Linz, Austria), the SPECS and GTI research groups of the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain). Apart of  research activities, she participates on a regular basis in projects, festivals and workshops for arts and new media like Interactivos?, Visualizar, Ars Electronica Festival. Together with Moritz Behrens she is participating as an artist in the Connecting Cities Network with the project ‘Smart Citizen Sentiment Dashboard‘.


All Photos © Nina Valkanova.
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