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Michael Ang is a Canadian artist and engineer whose work applies technology to create light objects, interactive installations, and software tools that re-appropriate the digital into a physical form. Ang applies a hacker’s aesthetic to playfully subvert the dissociative effects of technology to reconnect us to the present moment.

For his project (We Are) Light Catchers, Michael created a wearable device that digitally records the wearer’s daily “light environment” for later playback on a large-scale light sculpture. For the City Visions festival a 24 hour light recording from Panyu, China was presented in a public square in Panyu’s sister city of Jena, Germany. Light Catchers is at one level a technological tool for capturing and sharing our personal experiences of light across distance and cultures – a tool that enhances our shared human experience.

In the framework of the by PAL initiated project Digital Calligraffiti, Michael developed together with Hamza Abu Ayyash the interactive projection table Infl3tor, with which the particpants of a community performance can live-produce Digital Calligraffitis. Through networked scenarios their messages can be instantly shared with other cities.

Michael’s work has been shown at transmediale, Connecting Cities, SPEKTRUM, NASA Ames Research Center, Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, Art Hack Day, Natalie Jeremijenko’s OOZ, and the California Academy of Sciences. He has been featured by MAKE Magazine, the Creator’s Project, and ARTE Creative. He holds a Master’s degree from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) and a BASc in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo (Canada). He currently lives and works in Berlin.


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Photographs: © Michael Ang; © Carlos Ortiz Penades

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