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karen lancel and hermen maat

The artist duo Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat explore with their artistic activity the expression and public interaction that new media technologies have to offer to modern societies.

In the intersection of nature and technology, they put under the scope the ideas of embodied presence, intimacy, privacy and trust in the social-technological systems.

Through their art project they aim to create citizens intimate meeting experiences in the public space bridging the gab between geographies and lifestyle, in order to facilitate a public dialogue.

The audience is invited to participate in this process and use technology as a catalyser to promote human interaction. In this way, they create captivating digital meeting places or social sculptures that function as artistic social labs putting the citizens in the role of the researcher and co-creator.

This technological orchestration is characterised by instinctive movements and responses of the human body that respond to our primitive nature, creating chains of rituals which compose this artistic experience.

Public Art Lab started the collaboration with the artist Lancel & Maat for the creation of Saving Face project in 2013 fin the framework of Connecting Cities Network.

Image © Ruthe Zunz

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