| Projects | HYBRID SCREEN 2014


Berlin – Germany

Public Art Lab, Brunnenstr. 72, 13355 Berlin

11 – 14 september 2014

Hybrid Screen by Marius Hoggenmüller

For 4 weeks in the summer 2014 Public Art Lab had the pleasure to host Marius Hoggenmüller while he constructed Hybrid Screen. Hybrid Screen was presented as part of Urban Reflections during Wedding/Moabit festival.  Marius Hoggenmüller studied Media Computer Science at the University of Munich (LMU) and develops interactive media and light installations.

Where gray facades previously dominated, Hybrid Screen lets a colorful light world arise and invites the viewer to slip into the role of the video artist. Hybrid Screen is a DIY media facade consisting of LEDs controlled by a code and sensor-manipulated record player. The record player tracks the colors of the LP and participants are invited to color their own LP. The light output can be further manipulated by the participants by scratching the LP, leaving light scratches across the media facade.

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