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European Dream Lab

The European Dream Lab is a public broadcast studio that Public Art Lab is currently developing. Consisting of Mobidome and Mobilab, both mobile communication units will be placed in a central public space, each connected to outdoor digital screens which will be networked locally and internationally with urban screens.

Mobidome is the meeting point and space for gatherings of artists, cultural politicians and the public audience – a citizens’ discussion base and multi media center. It is a half-transparent tent that can easily settle down in different locations. Here we will organise lectures and workshops and invite the citizens to join and participate in artistic processes which will be facilitated and moderated by artists and cultural programmers. These contributions can range from video taped interviews, texts, audio files – but also digital submissions such as blog entries or e-mails.

A key aspect of this project is to commonly find artistic and cultural analogies for the issues of the people. Each city will curate its own topic and programme.

The artistic outcomes will be broadcast on urban digital screens and other applications like mobile phones, internet and digital TV from the Mobilab.

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