We want to thank our co-producing partners for their work and contributions:

Maria Corejova and Maria Riskova from 13 Kubikov, Bratislava, who are co-producers and curators of the project.

Andrea Gancs from A 38 in Budapest, co-producer of the Mobile Studios and Edit Blaumann, curator of the Budapest program.

Our Serbian co-producers Darka Radosavljevic and Miroslaw Karic from the Belgrade art magazine Remont, as well as the local curator Maja Ciric.

Neli Mitewa and Mila Odazhieva from Brain Store Project in Sofia, who are curating the Bulgarian program.

Kyd Campbell and Petko Dourmana, our technical advisors and partners from InterSpace in Sofia.

Malgosia Zwolicka from the Laznia Center for Contemporary Arts in Gdansk, who curates the Mobile Webcast Studio in Gdansk.

Christoph Bertrams and Friederike Zenk of Forum Goethe-Institut Berlin.

Peter Anders and Greta Gancheva of Goethe-Institut Sofia.

Dr. Márta Nagy of Goethe-Institut Budapest.

Susie Vasovic-Bohse and Volker Marwitz of Goethe-Institut Belgrade.

Zuzana Benjakova and Dr. Stefan Wackwitz of Goethe-Institut Bratislava.

Dorota Swinarska of Goethe-Institut Warsaw.

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