Long Day of CityNature 2014 @ Prinzessinnengarten Berlin

Saturday, 14. June 2014 / 16-18.30h
Sunday, 15. June 2014 / 15-17h

In the framework of the ‘Long Day of CityNature‘ (14.-15. June 2014) Public Art Lab offers two Connecting Cities Workshops in the urban gardens of Prinzessinnengarten:

In the workshop ‘Street Rights Map: Urban Nature’ the artists Myriel Milicevic (DE), Mira Thomsen (DE) and Ruttikorn Vuttikorn (TH) will survey and map the rights of the different members of the street community and urban nature and how they relate to each other. From these observations we develop other possibilities and imagine how street rights could be re-mapped into new surprising directions. The Workshop takes place in the community garden ‚Prinzessinnengarten’ on Sat., 14 June 2014, 16-19.30h and will be held in English.

The Workshop ‘Human Beeing’ by The Constitute (DE) will present the current Connecting Cities project ‘Human Beeing‘ but also tell participants more about the complex world of bee sworms, bee keeping and the role of bees in the urban environment. The workshops takes place Sun., 15 June 2014, 15-17h at Prinzessinnengarten and will be held in German / English upon request.

Please subscribe to the workshops in advance:


Workshop ‘Human Beeing’ or ‘Street Rights Map’.


Friday, 9 May 2014, Language: German
Venue: Supermarkt, Brunnenstrasse 64, 13355 Berlin

On May 9 Public Art Lab organizes a preview workshop with students of the Leuphana University to prepare the Connecting Cities-event during the Wedding Moabit Festival in September.

During the workshop entitled ‘Feel, Read and Interact with the Brunnenkiez’ students spread out to meet the Kiez, collect impressions, ideas and stories according to three urban strategies: Feeling, Reading and Interacting with the public space.

The breakfast on Friday 9th provides a great chance for getting to know the people behind the Connecting Cities-project, meeting the students and also learn something about participatory processes in the public sphere. The workshop is hosted in cooperation with Supermarkt Berlin.

Connecting Cities is a European and worldwide expanding network aiming to build up a connected infrastructure of media facades, urban screens and projection sites to circulate artistic and social content. Please find more information here.

CREATIVE EUROPE @ Europäische Kommission Berlin

On Februar, 11th the European Union presents the new programme „Creative Europe“ for the Creative Sector and the Culture sub-programme.

To showcase and open the debate on the relevance of European Culture Programmes and its fundings Connecting Cities is invited on the Panel as one of the best show cases of translocal communication and intercultural exchange.

Susa Pop, Initiator and Artistic Director of Connecting Cities, is speaker on the opening debate next to Jan Truszczynski (Director General Education & Culture, European Commission), Volker Schlöndorff (President Europäisches Filmzentrum Babelsberg), Jochen Sandig (Founder Radialsystem V, Sasha Waltz & Guests).

More information of the event on the official EU Website.

More impressions of the event on Flickr.

CONNECTING CITIES @ transmediale 2014 in Berlin

Public Art Lab as a platform for Urban Media Art Projects invites local and international actors to come together during transmediale Vorspiel and transmediale Festival from 23.1 until 1.2.2014

CONNECTING CITIES @ transmediale Vorspiel, 23. – 28. January 2014
Venue: Public Art Lab, Brunnenstr. 72, 133555 Berlin – Wedding

Come together at our transmediale Vorspiel at Public Art Lab: We open doors on Thursday, 23. Jan with the Urban Media Kitchen. Local and international Urban Media Actors present their initiatives in a kitchen-like atmosphere. Our Telepresent Gallery running from 23. until the 28. Jan. presents the oberserving view of spy-cams to the public on our show room windows. On 28. Jan we discuss the term ‘telepresence’ with a lecture of Villem Flusser Archive (University of the Arts Berlin) and Paul Sermon/Charlottte Gould. More on: transmediale and Connecting Cities

CONNECTING CITIES @ transmediale Festival, 29. January – 2 February 2014
Venue: Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW)

What does blackening out then mean in the context of urban screens and what goes lost after the sudden shut-down and restart? How to find ways to restore or re-think information after this severe blackout? The panel discussion at transmediale with the Connecting Cities artists, curators and the transmediale visitors will discuss blackout and collective memories of media façades on 31. January, 11.30, room: K1. Panel Speakers: Susa Pop (Public Art Lab, Berlin), Alain Mongeau (MUTEK, Montreal), Mike Stubbs (FACT Liver-pool), Yves Bernard (iMAL, Brussels), Paul Sermon (Uni-versity of Brighton), Martin Brynskov (Aarhus University). More on: transmediale

The Connecting Cities workshop on 1. February (11am-3pm, room K2) at transmediale offers artists from the open call 2014 the context “Participatory City” as a discussion forum. There, the results from the Artists’ Camp (Vorspiel) will be discussed, again with focus on strategies and DIY-practices in the context of participation through mobile units and media façades after the “total breakdown”. Workshop Moderator: Susa Pop (Public Art Lab, Berlin), Minna Tarkka (m-cult, Helsinki), Yves Bernard (iMAL, Brussels), Nerea Calvillo (Medialab-Prado, Madrid). Connecting Cities Artists: Christian Zöllner (The Constitute), Paul Sermon, Charlotte Gould, Moritz Behrens, Nina Valkanova. The Workshop is open for 11 participants, please register until 30. January under transmediale@connectingcities.net. More on: transmediale


OCT-LOFT Creative Festival  2013 Shenzen

We are excited to announce the upcoming Connecting Cities exhibition at OCT-LOFT Creative Festival 2013. Public Art Lab will present the Connecting Cities Network, and Berlin-based design and art collective VR/Urban will present the protyping of the SMSlingshot.

Further Exhibitions include the Design Academy Eindhoven, Sandberg Institute, ZKM, Chelsea College of Art & Design, Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design, Zuerich Academy of Art and Design, and Geneva University of Art and Design.

Join us at the Opening Ceremony with the SMSlingshot performance by VR/Urban on 08/12/2013 from 17:30 pm – 18:30 pm!

Exhibition duration: 09/12/2013 – 03/08/2014

Supported by the Goethe-Institut Beijing


The Connecting Cities Events are city-to-city live interventions which will happen from August to November 2013 under the curatorial topic of Networked City. The CC Events are embedded in local programmes like the Media Facades Festival in Helsinki, Ikono On Air Festival in Berlin, Bauhausfest in Dessau, Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Amber Festival in Istanbul, Nuit Blanche in Brussels etc.

The urban media art projects of the 2013 CC Events have been produced by our 18 partner institutions and will circulate within the Connecting Cities Network on an interconnected infrastructure of urban screens, media facades and projection walls.

Our website is re-launched with a live stream of the art projects, so if you cannot come to any of our venues, go to www.connectingcities.net and become part of the events!

You can find information on the CC Events in Berlin and Dessau below. The full schedule of the CC events in August and September in all cities is published at www.connectingcities.net. Information on the events coming in October and November will be published soon on the same website and via our next newsletter (subscribe here).

Picture: Concept visualisation of ‘Binoculars’ by Mar Canet & Varvara Guljajeva

Mar Canet, Varvara Guljajeva - Binoculars

CC EVENT : 6 – 7 September 2013

Public Art Lab teamed up with Foundation Bauhaus Dessau and ikono to present our selection of works at the same time at the Bauhausfest in Dessau and on the media facade of the Collegium Hungaricum in Berlin.

In Dessau, our Connecting Cities Event is integrated in the yearly Bauhausfest, an event that has its origin in the 1920s and that is at the same time excentric and extremely popular. At Bauhausfest 2013, Connecting Cities will show the artworks ‘Ready to Cloud’ by The Constitute, ‘Binoculars’ by Mar CanetVarvara Guljajeva, ‘Master / Slave Invigilator System’ by Jeremy Bailey, ‘Saving Face’ by Karen Lancel & Hermen Maat, ‘Internet Jam’ by Prof. Alexander Carôt and a series of videoclips produced by ikono and especially curated for CC.

Information on locations and time schedules in Dessau are on the Bauhausfest website!

In Berlin, we meet again at Collegium Hungaricum – which had already been our venue for the Media Facades Festival 2010 – to show ‘Binoculars’ by Mar CanetVarvara Guljajeva.

Where: .CHB’s media facade at Dorotheenstrasse 12, Berlin
When: 6-7 September, from 8.30pm to 10pm

The title of our ‘Connecting Cities’ event is to be taken literally, as the presented artworks not only connect Dessau and Berlin (in the case of ‘Binoculars’), but also create (live/remote) connections to our international partner cities. Be prepared for a vibrant intercultural exchange with the citizens of Liverpool, Madrid, Linz, Riga and Melbourne!

Picture: ‘Master / Slave Invigilator System’ by Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey - Master/Slave Invigilator System



Public Art Lab hosts transmediale reSource event, 3rd June 2013

On Monday, 3rd June Public Art Lab is hosting the 9th Meeting of Technology Based Art Spaces and Curators in Berlin. The reSource event is a meeting platform of the Berlin based media art network.

Besides introducing Public Art Lab and its international projects, the meeting will focus on fostering an interdisciplinary discussion on urban media art from different points of view.

reSource is a initiative to foster the dialog on media art throughout the whole year and is hosted every month by a different local space in Berlin.

Find more information about the event on Facebook and in this article on transmediale.


More pictures of the event on flickr.


Germany + Brazil: Connected Cultures

'Shadows' by Super UberConnected Cultures is running until 9 June on the Galeria de Arte Digital SESI-SP, Avenida Paulista 1313, Sao Paulo

To the right: ‘Shadows’ by Super Uber, Picture by Bia Ferrer

Find more pictures of the Connected Cultures urban media artworks on flickr

Illumination of Teatro Municipal Sao Paulo by Michael Batz

13 May – Opening of Germany + Brasil 2013-14

With speeches by Jochaim Gauck, President of Germany, and Marta Suplicy, Minister of Culture of Brazil. Cultural highlights where the illumination of Sao Paulo’s Teatro Municipal by Hamburg artist Michael Batz and the performance of the Young Euro Classic Brasil-Alemanha Orchestra.


Marilia Pasculli / Verve Cultural and Susa Pop / Public Art Lab15 May – Opening of Connected Cultures

With speeches by Walter Vicioni Gonçalves, Regional Director of SENAI-SP and Prof. Dr. h.c. Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, President of Goethe Institute. An Introduction was given by the two curators of Connected Cultures: Marilia Pasculli from Verve Cultural Sao Paulo and Susa Pop from Public Art Lab Berlin.
Pictures of the opening on flickr

Connected Cultures Workshop

16 May – Connected Cultures Workshop: Looking Behind the Facade

With presentations by the curators and by the four artist groups of the Connected Cultures Programme: Super Uber (BR), Rachel Rosalen (BR), PfadfindereiThe Constitute (DE) and Mader Stublic Wiermann (DE).
Pictures of the workshop on flickr

Germany + Brazil: Connected Cultures

15 May – 9 June 2013
Galeria de Arte Digital SESI-SP, Avenida Paulista 1313, Sao Paulo

Susa Pop from Public Art Lab Berlin together with Marilia Pasculli from Verve Cultural Sao Paulo curate an artistic programme for the SESI/FIESP building’s media facade in Sao Paulo. The programme ‘Brasil-Alemanha: Culturas Conectadas’ will run from 15 May to 9 June in the frame of the event Germany + Brazil 2013-14.

all ready made by Mader Stublic WiermannFor the media facade’s opening in November 2012, Marilia Pasculli who initiated the Galeria de Arte Digital SESI-SP together with João Frugiuele, had already invited Susa Pop to present a data visualisation programme for their SP_Urban Digital Festival, with ‘City Sleep Light’ by Antoine Schmitt and ‘Rhythm of Sao Paulo’ by Mar Canet and Varvara Guljajeva.

For the Germany + Brazil 2013-14 programme, the curators will present the German artist groups Pfadfinderei + The Constitute and Mader Stublic Wiermann as well as the two Brazilian artists Super Uber and Rachel Rosalen to open the media facade as a living sculputure for intercultural encounter and dialogue.

Picture: ‘all ready made’ by Mader Stublic Wiermann. The work has a specially composed soundtrack that can be accessed at www.all-ready-made.com.

On May 16, interested professionals can participate in a workshop with the German and Brazilian artists. You can find more information on the event website (in Portuguese) and on the website of the Goethe Institute Sao Paulo (in German).

The project is realised with support from SESI/FIESP and the Goethe Institute Sao Paulo.

‘Videopainting: The Bridge’ – interactive installation at Goethe Institut Conference ‘Reclaiming Public Space’, 22. – 23. April 2013

The artist’s project ‘Videopainting: The Bridge’ by Blake Shaw is shown in the frame of the Goethe Institut’s Conference ‘Reclaiming Public Space’ at the Akademie der Künste on Monday 22. April 2013.

Find pictures of the installation on flickr!

Videopainting: The Bridge’ combines portraits of Israeli and Palestinian citizen, seen in their daily environment in the public space and merges them through an artistic process in an overlaying multimedia collage. Where the physical is unaccessible, the virtual opens doors to organize and reclaim what is considered by most in the west a fundamental human right. Blake Shaw is a new media artist currently building a new telecommunication art initiative to facilitate real-time communication between such individuals, starting in the Palestinian Territories. Through the digital possibilities of video painting Blake Shaw creates a virtual place for encounter, beyond physical borders.

‘Videopainting: The Bridge’ is curated by Public Art Lab and showcases the main idea of ‘Connecting Cities’ where cities will be connected to create an exchange between their citizens via large digital screens and media facades.

© Sweatshoppe

Find more information on the conference website, including an interesting blog article on the potential of urban media by Verena Schwarz from Public Art Lab.


Bei eisigen Temperaturen sorgte VERTICAL GARDENS auf der Grünen Woche Berlin, für Aufsehen. Tagsüber traten die Besucher eifrig in die Pedale, um die Wand zum Blühen zu bringen, und auch noch Nachts pilgerten die Fans interaktiver Videoinstallationen für Erinnerungsfotos zum Messegelände.

Wir danken den Gärtnern unserer digitalen Landschaft, dem gesamten Team, Maxi Strauch von duckfilm productions für das erwärmende Video und Ruthe Zuntz für die wunderschönen Bilder der Aktion.


Mehr Bilder findet ihr bei Flickr.
Und hier geht’s zum begleitenden Video.


VERTICAL GARDENS – interaktive Medieninstallation von Public Art Lab
vom 17. bis 19. Januar 2013 in Berlin

Anlässlich der Grünen Woche haben wir für die Niederländische Botschaft eine interaktive Medieninstallation konzipiert, bei der ihr den Frühling vorzeitig nach Berlin bringen könnt!

Eröffnung am Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013, 16.30 Uhr
Messegelände Berlin, Holland-Halle (18)
Hammarskjöldplatz (vis-à-vis des Haus des Rundfunks an der Masurenallee)

Vertical GardensZur diesjährigen Grünen Woche herrscht nicht nur in der Holland-Halle Frühlingsstimmung – auch vor der Messehalle sprießen bunte Blüten. Mit der interaktiven Medieninstallation VERTICAL GARDENS bringen die Niederlande den Frühling in die Stadt und die Idee eines ökologisch nachhaltigen Lebensraumes zur Diskussion. In den Niederlanden sind Stadtgärten bereits weit verbreitet und auch in Berlin setzt sich die urbane Gärtnerkultur immer mehr durch – man denke nur an den Prinzessinnengarten am Berliner Moritzplatz.

Vor der Messehalle 18 erwartet euch eine Videoprojektion, die ihr im Sattel eines Hollandrads interaktiv mitgestalten könnt. Außerdem könnt ihr eure ganz persönlichen Frühlingsgrüße in den Stadtraum schicken und schon mal eigene Gärtnerprojekte vorbereiten… lasst euch überraschen!

Public Art Lab hat das künstlerische Konzept von VERTICAL GARDENS entwickelt und die Projektleitung der Installation übernommen. Unsere Projektpartner sind YUKIJUNG (Design und Motion Graphics), Memetics GmbH (Interaktive Anwendung und Pogrammierung), tonwelt professional media GmbH (Sound) und Gahrens + Battermann GmbH (Produktionstechnik).

VERTICAL GARDENS kann vom 17. bis 19. Januar 2013 jeweils mit Beginn der Dunkelheit (ca.16.30 – 21.00 Uhr) vor der Halle 18 aktiv elebt werden. Eine Eintrittskarte zur Messe benötigt ihr dafür nicht.

Connecting Cities Network Conference @ MAB 2012

November 15-17th – Aarhus, Denmark

After the Connecting Cities Network’s kick off workshop in Helsinki during the Media Facades Festival 2012, we all met again for  next internal workshop which took place during the Media Architecture Biennale 2012 in Aarhus!
The focus of the workshop was put on the pre-selection of the artists for our first project period “Networked City 2013”. The final selection will be done in December and the selected artists will be invited to our next artists’ and curators’ workshop which will take place in Marseille in the beginning of February 2013.

In this context we also organized our first public conference and workshop and discussed the launch of the Connecting Cities Network with a very mixed audience including architects, urban planners, cultural producers, artists and researchers from all over the world. Key topics were the technological infrastructure, audience development and digital urban planning. We would like to thank all the participants for their excellent input!

CCN internal workshop Aarhus

For more information have a look at www.connectingcities.net or click here.


Networked City 2013

Submit your artist’s work for the Networked City 2013. In 2013 the Connecting Cities Network will discuss the question of how urban media facades can become a catalyst for shared encounters in an identity-building temporary field of interaction across the borders of time and distance. The curators of the Connecting Cities Network will select 9 artist projects for the ‘Networked City 2013’. These projects will be presented on the urban media facades of the participating cities and open live windows to the cities. The main challenge of Networked City will be to identify contents with relevance on an international level and to develop technology standards by comparing the different local and national circumstances and production conditions.

– Application deadline: November 2nd, 2012
– Curators selection deadline: November 17, 2012
– Artist work production will finish by April, 2013
– Artist’s work will be shown within live events between May and November 2013.
– Mail: contact@connectingcities.net

For more information visit: www.connectingcities.net



Connecting Cities Network Logo

The  Connecting Cities Network invites all designers to create the network’s visual appearance. Submit your ideas and be part of a collaborative design process.

The Network is initiated by Public Art Lab Berlin in collaboration with international media art Institutes, as Ars Electronica Linz, iMAL Brussels, FACT Liverpool, m-cult Helsinki, Medialab-Prado Madrid, Media Architecture Institute Vienna, Riga 2014, Videospread Marseille, BIS Body Process Arts Association Istanbul und das Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, supported by the University of Aarhus, Marseille-Provence 2013 and MUTEK, Montréal and is funded by the Programme Culture of the European Union.

Through the crowd-sourcing platform jovoto (http://www.jovoto.com) creative talents all over the world can work together, submit and develop their ideas for our umbrella brand “Connecting Cities”.

For more information visit: http://connectingcities.jovoto.com/




We are excited to announce the launch of the Connecting Cities Network, a project with which we aim to create a networked infrastructure of urban screens and media facades to circulate artistic and socially relevant content. From July 2012 to 2016 our partners and us will set up and test this infrastructure through a series of events focusing on the Networked City, the Participatory City and the Visible City. The Connecting Cities Network was initiated by Public Art Lab and will be further developed and realised together with our co-organisers Ars Electronica GmbH Linz, iMAL Brussels, FACT Liverpool, m-cult Helsinki, Medialab-Prado Madrid, Media Architecture Institute Vienna, Riga 2014, Videospread Marseille, BIS Body Process Arts Association Istanbul, The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb.We are also delighted that MUTEK Montreal, Marseille Provence 2013 and Aarhus University will accompany the project as associated partners. Additional partners will enrich the project throughout the years with their expertise.

The Media Facades Festival Helsinki, presenting present media and electronic art projects in the public space, organised by our partner m-cult, offers the perfect frame for our kick-off event. The festival takes place from August 23-26, 2012.

A Connecting Cities online platform is currently in progress. As a pool and database of experience and knowledge the site will provide a forum for the discourse of Urban Media Facades and keep you up to date about project results, events and artist calls.

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.



Following a series of events in the previous years, including the Media Facades Festivals, the Innovation Forum Urban Screens and the publication Urban Media Cultures, we recently launched the Urban Media Network together with ten other partners from the field of ICT – SMEs, global enterprises and research institutions. The Urban Media Network is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economy in the frame of the ZIM-NEMO programme and managed by newthinking communications GmbH. Our mutual motivation is to consult a sustainable mediatisation of the urban space by providing innovative interfaces and making accessible socially relevant content, aiming to realise and support the research, optimisation and development of urban media technologies. We all believe that urban media can offer a real added value for the local community and are excited to collaborate with the partners in order to actively design this novel market.

Partners: Asperado GmbHdan pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbHFraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-InstitutICT Innovative Communication Technologies AGMemetics GmbHNEC Display Solutions Europe GmbHPublic Art Lab e.V.Quality and Usability Lab (TU Berlin / Deutsche Telekom Laboratories)SRH Hochschule Berlin.

For more information please visit our temporary website on newthinking.de and our facebook profile. A project website will be launched in the next weeks.




Urban Media CultureEds. Susa Pop (Public Art Lab), Ursula Stalder (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne), Mirjam Struppek (Interactionfield) and Gernot Tscherteu (Media Architecture Institute)| avedition, April 2012 | Design: +Ruddigkeit

Presentation dates:
18 April 2012 @ Media Facades Summit (Light & Building), Städelschule Frankfurt
02 May 2012, appr.19 h @ re:publica „Urban Media Lounge“, STATION Berlin

End of April sees the launch of our publication Urban Media Cultures which evolved from the long-term collaboration of its editors Susa Pop (Public Art Lab), Ursula Stalder (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne), Mirjam Struppek (Interactionfield) and Gernot Tscherteu (Media Architecture Institute) mainly for the Media Facades Festival Berlin 2008 and Europe 2010 and most lately the Innovation Forum Urban Screens 2011. About 40 authors from an international network comprising media artists, screen operators, architects, developers and cultural institutions discuss in three chapters – Urban Media & City Development, Technologies, Marketing & Media Scenography – how high-resolution displays, computer-animated light installations or mechanical media screens, briefly urban screens and media architecture, shape our modern lives and change the face of our cities and consider the risks and potentials of our increasingly digitalised cities development in its spatial and social context. With numerous examples this book illustrates current trends in interactive media structures.

Authors (selection): Nina Colosi (Streaming Museum New York), Nerea Calvillo (Medialab-Prado), Thorsten Bauer (URBANSCREEN), Geraldine McCullagh (BBC Birmingham), M.Hank Haeusler (University of New South Wales), Michael Badics (Ars Electronica), Dr. Jörg Müller (Telekom Innovation Labs), Emily Dufner & Paula Longato (Arup Lighting Design), Tim Edler (realities:united) With the kind support of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne, Wall AG, Berliner Fenster

€ 39,90 (D), US $ 56.00 | ISBN 978-3-89986-169-3
Now available for pre-orders on Amazon and in your local book shop.



Ein Exzellenz-Coaching-Angebot für Kreative im Land Brandenburg | Dezember 2011

Teil 1, Sa 10.12. : Markterschließung für Kreative
Teil 2, Sa 17.12.:  Akquise für Kreative

Kreativakademie Brandenburg

In den vergangenen Monaten haben das Kompetenzzentrum Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft des Bundes und Public Art Lab e.V. mit der Free Culture Incubator Workshopreihe elf Veranstaltungen für Kreative und Kulturunternehmer aus Berlin und Brandenburg durchgeführt. Die erarbeiteten Ergebnisse und gesammelten praktischen Erfahrungen aus dieser Reihe bildeten die Grundlage für zwei Intensiv-Coaching-Tage unter dem Titel Kreativakademie Brandenburg für Freiberufler und Kleinstunternehmen der Branche mit Wohnsitz oder Betriebsstätte im Land Brandenburg. Mehr auf der Website der Kreativakademie



Supported by the Ministry of Science and Education


The Innovationforum will research the technological, economical and scientific potential of urban screens for the region Berlin-Berlin Brandenburg as a pilot project for Germany. In the framework of this Innovationforum Public Art Lab is organising 5 expert workshops (urban screens infrastructure, technology, content, urban development / city marketing and media cross marketing). The workshops will be evaluated and presented in a 2-day congress in May 2011.

!!! MORE INFORMATION ON: http://innovationsforum.publicartlab-berlin.de





The idea behind the Mobicases is to facilitate feedback processes by various audiences, enable new forms of documentation and data visualization and to evaluate group processes from many difference angles. The Mobicases will accompany 25 public law students from 16 Universities located in cities of the South and South Eastern Europe to explore the issues about EU enlargement on a journey to Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Albania with a final presentation in Athens. The EU Wheeling journey will take place in May/June 2011, organized and initiated by the European Public Law Organization.

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The Round Table Ukraine will accompany the cultural management project initiated by the European Cultural Foundation in cooperation with Robert-Bosch Foundation and Culture Action Europe throughout the region and will be the performance and communication platform of meetings, discussions, interventions and international gatherings of the cooperation project in the Ukraine.

The Round Table has the form of the Ukraine and is the landmark of the programme. The general idea behind the project is: new space concepts open new thinking spaces. A helium balloon floats above the table, with a projection screen for urban screenings and live streamings.

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Berlin – Brussels – Helsinki – Liverpool Budapest – Linz – Madrid


The format of the MEDIA FACADE FESTIVAL reflects on the increasing presence of massive-infrastructures with digital visual elements in public spaces while investigating their communicative function in the urban environment.

MEDIA FACADES FESTIVAL EUROPE 2010 will explore the networked possibilities of urban screens and media facades via internet and the new technologies on a European level. The festival encourages art projects that create a dialogue to connect the local public virtually with the other places through the networked infrastructure of digital screens and media facades. It aspires to share dreams of the different cities and report about local issues and exchange peoples’ stories and ideas in Europe-wide ‘Joint Broadcasting Events’ starting on 27 August 2010.

The media facades will be transformed into local stages and open a global window for cultural and societal processes throughout Europe.

Its long-term vision is to be a catalyst for the creation of a sustainable and transportable structure where artists, cultural professionals, arts organizations, cultural institutions, governmental bodies, private and commercial businesses, media and the general public, within Europe and beyond, can interact through the development of a new cultural communication format in the public space.

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Public Art Lab organised the Media Facades Festival Berlin 2008 to explore the cultural potential of Berlin based urban screens and mediafacades in a special developed urban screening programme. The exhibition and conference was organised in cooperation of the Media Architecture Institute Vienna – supported by Haupt stadtkulturfonds and Senate for Economy, Women and Technology / Project Future Berlin.

Public Art Lab is organiser of Upgrade! Berlin, a monthly gathering on art, technology and culture. Public Art Lab was also co-producer of the Upgrade! Chain Reaction festival. Chain Reaction explored issues of cultural development and growth in the local region as well as within digital networks. With exhibitions, workshops and presentations from over 20 cities across the world,  this event proofed to be a catalyst for dialog, future collaborations and new cultural understanding.

Public Art Lab / Upgrade! Berlin participated with the MOBICASES project. These mobile documentary units functioned as user interface for the city of Skopje throughout the festival and enabled a live sampling of the city and the festival events.

From September 11th to 14th we documented the festival and its events, happenings and debates. Please have a look at our documentation website: http://www.chainreaction-community.net.

The Mobicase project was supported by the German Embassy in Skopje and the Goethe-Institut Skopje .

The Mobile Studios project was presented at many conferences  throughout the last years, among them the Europe Asia Satellite Meeting in China, the mobile.home Conference in Helsinki or the Kultur MACHT Europa- Conference in Berlin. During the ‘European Year of Workers’ Mobility’ the project was featured as one of the best mobile projects by the Fondazione Fitzcarraldo.

Public Art Lab (PAL) realises international nomadic art projects  which create artistic processes and public awareness in temporary  urban settings.

Thus nomadic communities like Mobile Studios (2006) and Mobile Museums (2004) provide the opportunity for local audiences to participate and experience their daily environment from a different perspective.

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