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Virtual Identities Exhibition, Gallery Tristesse in Berlin, August 2005

Media Art ShowsVirtual Identitities, feminist networks, riot grrls and cyberfeminists: the internet as a culture- and actionspace for the quest of the real self.

This exhibition was designed as a movable link list, in which we put different works of female artists in relation to each other:

Artists: Stéphanie Boisset, Doll Yoko aka Francesca da Rimini, Genderchanger Academy, Les Chiennes de Garde, Mouchette, Olia Lialina, Sister 0, Subrosa, Victoria Vesna, Virtuella.

Curators: Julia Barth, Stéphanie Boisset, Ela Kagel

link_of_thought_thought_of_link: a TAGallery by Ela Kagel and Ursula Endlicher

Media Art ShowsTAGallery by CONT3XT.NET extends the idea of a tagged exhibition and transfers the main tasks of noncommercial exhibition spaces to the discourse
of an electronic data-space. The method of tagging allows the attribution of artworks to different thematic fields. EXHIBITION_003 was tagged/curated by Ursula Endlicher and Ela Kagel, who started the blog Curating NetArt in May 2006 as ongoing conversations about various topics surrounding media arts. Their exhibition ”…” for TAGallery is an extension of this blog in dialogue-form and a meta-curatorial statement of their perspective on the challenges of curating media/net/art.

Urban Media Salon by Mirjam Struppek

Ela Kagel and Susa Pop are members of the Urban Media Salon hosted by Mirjam Struppek (Interactionfield).

The Urban Media Salon is a regular meeting, taking place once a month in Berlin. It brings together interested parties from various disciplines, to discuss and exchange about interactions and relations of Urban Issues and (New) Media. In the first phase each member of the core circle has the privilege to lead one Salon. He can introduce the topic or project he is working on, come up for discussion.

Media Art ShowsMedia Art ShowsMedia Art Shows

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