Connecting Cities Publication: What Urban Media Art Can Do

by sarah / Thursday, 19 May 2016 / Published in BlogConnecting CitiesPublicationUrban MediaUrban Screens

The book ‘What Urban Media Art Can Do – Why When Where and How?’ departs from the global, exploratory research undertaken by the Connecting Cities Network and reflects on its curatorial strands of the Networked / Participatory and In/Visible City in new participative forms of arts such as digital placemaking, urban activism, telepresence, sensing and urban ecology.

It showcases around 50 urban media art projects and highlights urban media environments worldwide including theoretical articles of Inke Arns, Claire Bishop, Martin Brynskov, Maurice Benayoun, Marcus Foth, Martin Tomitsch, Mark Shepard, Kazys Varnelis, Nanna Verhoeff and Peter Weibel among others.
Edited by Susa Pop, Tanya Toft, Nerea Calvillo, Mark Wright.

On 21 and 22 May, 2016, the publication will be launched in the framework of ISEA2016 Hong Kong.

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Image: © Iva Arandjelovic / Public Art Lab

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