City Light Orchestra Performance @ Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Public Art Lab is delighted to present Antoine Schmitt’s ‘City Light Orchestra’ performance hosted by Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB) and Labourdettes Towers – Marseille, in the framework of Vorspiel of Transmediale / CTM Festival, Chroniques Festival and Future DiverCities project.

Digital Calligraffiti Camp @ Vorspiel of transmediale / CTM // Future DiverCities Berlin Lab

Digital Calligraffiti Camp is a community project, that endeavours to contribute to the integration of young people from refugee camps will take place at Collegium Hungaricum Berlin during January in the framework of transmediale / CTM Vorspiel as the 3rd Lab of Future DiverCities. Under the guiding principle Urban Sreens are our Walls Digital Calligraffiti is bringing together […]

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